Find Trouble Free Car Transportation Services

8Those days are gone when shipment of car was a big problem – with the emerging car transportation services it has becomes very simple and quick. You just have to find the best local car shipment service provider to ensure trouble free delivery of your vehicle. It would be really risky to drive the car to the new location and if, you are relocating to different country then you have no choice then to hire car shipping company.

You do not have to worry as, the car transportation services are very professional companies delivering numerous vehicles to different locations. From packaging to handling; everything is managed by the service providers. If, you are ordering any new car from different country then also, car transport services are of great help. Shipping of old vintage cars, classic exotic cars and used cars can be sent via transporting services. 

Simple process for hiring car transportation services –

The car shipping companies take the complete responsibility of your car. Usually the companies are highly professional hence; you do not have to worry about anything. The process is simple – just pick the suitable car transport service and get the quotation. On agreeing the quote, you can start with the paper work. The quotation includes all the amounts – estimate of car value, insurance amount, handling and consignment delivery charges.

Once you have finalized the shipping agent read the contractual agreement thoroughly. The general insurance charges may depend on the type, model, size and weight of your car. You can also go for special insurance if; you are delivering vintage or antique cars. Get clarity on the type of delivery – domestic or international. The delivery of consignment depends on the distance hence, ensure the delivery date. The payment for car shipment is generally in advance. You may have to pay the entire amount via cheque so, keep copy of all the transaction documents.

Do and Don’t of car shipment –

  • Check with the concerned agent about the packaging quality and the insurance rates.
  • You do not have to spend more if, you feel the car is overvalued and neither the other way round.
  • Be honest in declaring the already caused damage and dents if, you are sending a used car.
  • Double check with the shipment company regarding the insurance cover details.
  • You would be more relaxed if, you personally receive the consignment at the destination.
  • Always prefer taking the door delivery of the car and do not rely on transport service driver.
  • On receiving the car; unpack and check the car thoroughly by matching it with the recent pictures clicked just before shipment.